2011 National Chemistry Week T-Shirt Design Contest @ NETS

On October 25th and 26th, in conjunction with National Chemistry Week (NCW) and the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), the local American Chemical Society (ACS) section and Eastman Chemical Company will be hosting the 21th annual award-winning celebration. Last two years we had T-shirt design contests and received numerous inspiring drawings from artists as young as 10 years old. The NCW T-shirt committee is now having a contest again to design a new artwork to be printed on the T-shirts that over 1300 4th graders will be wearing at the event!

Design Suggestions:

1. The design might reflect the theme of this year’s NCW, “Chemistry ─ Our Health Our Future!”

2. Try and include the IYC logo in the design

3. The design might include “water” to celebrate our World of Water project or Eastman’s water purification HydropackTM

Rewards to the winner:

1. Your name will be printed on over 1400 T-shirts along with your design

2. 1300 4th grade students from the region will be wearing your design

3. Two free T-shirts

4. An Eastman TritanTM water bottle

Please submit your designs to Liu Deng (ldeng@eastman.com) by August 22nd. Multiple entries are welcome. Thank you!

NCW T-shirt committee