2019 National Chemistry Week T-Shirt Design Contest

On October 22nd and 23rd, the Northeast Tennessee Local Section of American Chemical Society (NETS-ACS) and Eastman Chemical Company will host the 29th annual award-winning National Chemistry Week (NCW) celebration. Over 36,000 children had participated in this event since its inception in 1991. For the past eleven years we’ve successfully had T-shirt artwork design contests and received numerous inspiring drawings from local artists as young as 10 years old. The NCW T-shirt committee is having a contest again to design an artwork to be printed on the T-shirts that over 1,300 local 4th graders will be wearing at the event!!!
Design suggestions:

  1. Artwork will be printed on white T-shirts
  2. The design reflects this year’s theme, “MARVELOUS METALS”
    Rewards to the winner:
  3. YOUR DESIGN AND YOUR NAME will be printed on 1300 T-shirts
  4. 1300 4th grade students from the region will be wearing your design at the event
  5. Winner certificate signed by the president of NETS-ACS
  6. Two free T-shirts
  7. An Eastman TritanTM water bottle
    Please submit your designs to Liu Deng (ldeng@eastman.com, 423-229-4677) by September 20th. Multiple entries are welcome. For questions or designs from previous years, please contact Liu Deng as well. Thank you!

    NETSACS NCW T-shirt committee