Seminar September 16, 2021: “Meeting the Challenge: Decarbonization of Transportation in the 21st Century”

Decarbonization of the transportation industry is a critical part of addressing climate change.  What will be required to accomplish this massive overhaul of the industry?  Electric vehicles are a widely-publicized piece of the solution, but electrifying passenger cars and trucks will require increasing raw material availability, increasing electricity production, and adjusting our travel habits to accommodate charging realities.  Electrification isn’t a practical solution for some parts of the industry, and thus net-zero carbon fuels are also likely to be important to keeping people and goods moving.  What are these fuels likely to be, and how can these fuels be produced?  There’s no doubt that successfully addressing all of these questions will make the 21st century one of rapid change for the transportation industry and for consumers.

Presenter Bio

Scott Sluder is a senior research staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Scott has been involved in research involving clean fuels, engine performance, and emissions for 25 years. He has contributed to major national fuel and emissions policy decisions, including the introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel in 2000, the decision to allow 15% ethanol in gasoline in 2010, and the EPA’s Tier 3 on-road emissions regulations. Scott has led research efforts for federal entities as well as private-sector customers. Scott is a recipient of several awards from SAE International, and was elected a Fellow of SAE International in 2014 for his contributions to mobility engineering.

Seminar will be held via Zoom on September 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT. Please Register at this link: