Seminar October 21, 2021: “Eastman in the Circular Economy”

The simple fact is: Our current recycling infrastructure isn’t equipped to tackle our current crisis. Enter: advanced circular recycling. Eastman’s advanced circular recycling technologies that allow brands to incorporate certified recycling content in packaging in ways the industry hasn’t been able to before. To solve the plastic waste crisis, we need a multi-faceted approach that looks ahead, not behind. Essentially, when you can used mechanical recycled content – use it! When you can’t, turn to advanced circular recycling. 

In a fast-moving presentation, Jayme will tell the audience how the world actually recycle materials today (mechanically), what the limitations are (multi-layers that can’t be recycled, stream contamination), and how we could augment the current system with new advanced circular recycling technologies. After, he will conclude with a pathway for how we can breakthrough, make our waste management system work, help brands hit their recycled content goals, and put a major dent in the plastic waste problem – together.

Presenter Bio

Jayme Leita, Director, Circular Economy Integration, Eastman

As director of circular economy integration within the sustainability and circular solutions department at Eastman, Jayme Leita is responsible for leading the development of capabilities required to deploy Eastman’s Advanced Circular Recycling technologies across the enterprise and into the marketplace.

Leita has been with Eastman since 2003 and has worked in a variety of roles in technology, marketing, and business. His experience includes process improvement, technical service, product and market development, and platform management. He has played significant roles in the design, development, commercialization, and global market activation of six new products for Eastman. In his current role, he is applying his experience to integrate the fundamentals of circularity into a platform of innovation for Eastman. 

He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Tennessee Technological University and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

Leita lives in Johnson City, Tenn., with his wife Molly, their two children, Lacy and Benji, and the family dogs, Chip and Jo. In his spare time, he enjoys fly fishing, boating, reading, and traveling with his family.

Seminar will be held via Zoom on October 21, 2021 at 5:00 PM EDT. Please register at this link: