Section and Regional History

A Narrative History of the Northeast Tennessee Section of the
American Chemical Society (NETS-ACS)

Chemicals From Coal – National Historic Chemical Landmark

NETS Teacher of the Year

1994Mr. Carl Steven Rapp, University School
1995Ms. Joan Schartung, Tn High
1996Ms. Jennifer Birchfield, Elizabethton High
1997Ms. Nancy Bovender, Dobyns Bennett 
2000Marsha Ottem

NETS Technician of the Year

1995Rodney Bradley*
1996Dennis Marshall*
1997Randall Perry*
1998Mary Moore*
1999Sara Wells
2002Coralie Fleenor
2003Marina Evans
2007David Trout
2008Vickie Osbourne
2009Mike Salyer*
2010Shane Kirk
2011Gary Hartley
2012Susan Johnson
2013Gary Hartley
2014Wayne Ollis
2015Bret Jones
2016Andrea Hagood
2017David Pearce
2018Jennifer Lloyd
2019Mike Laningham
2020Joy Laningham
2021David Arnold
*National Award Winner.

Section Awards and Nominations


  • Won Phoenix Award in category of “Best Open-House Activity”; Shawn Tonnies, 1991 NCW coordinator.
  • Won the Outstanding Technician Affiliate Group Award; Tim Guinn was the TAG chairman.


  • Won Phoenix Award in category of ” Greatest Membership Involvement”. Also nominated in categories of “Most Creative Activity and “Best Event in a Museum or Library”; Steve Perri, 1992 NCW coordinator.
  • Won the Outstanding Technician Affiliate Group Award; Linda Rothwell was the TAG chariman.


  • Won Phoenix Award in category of “Greatest Industrial Involvement”; nominated in the category of “Best Media Coverage”; Renee Niziurski-Mann, was the 1993 NCW coordinator.
  • Won award from Council Committee on Public Relations for media coverage of Section events, especially NCW events; Shawn Tonnies, PR Chair, Renee Niziurski-Mann, 1993 NCW coordinator.
  • Won Society Award for Outstanding Section in the Medium Size Category; Rick Offerman was the 1993 Chair.


  • Won Society Award for Outstanding Section in the Medium Size Category; David Allen was the 1994 Chair.
  • Won Phoenix Award in category of “Best Media Coverage”; Shawn Kerrick was the 1994 NCW coordinator.
  • Won the Award for Outstanding Performance for Public Relations, awarded by the Committee on Public Relations; Liz West was the 1994 Publicity Committee Chair.
  • Rodney Bradley, Technician Associate, ECCR, was named “1994 Technician of the Year” by the Division of Chemical Technicians.
  • Eastman Chemical Company received the ACS Division Director Award for contributions to the success of NETS.


  • Dennis Marshall, Technician Associate, TEOC, was named “1995 Technician of the Year” by the Division of Chemical Technicians.
  • Awarded a Certificate of Excellence for 1995 programs; Steve Perri was the 1995 Section Chair.
  • Nominated for Phoenix Award in the category of “Best Overall Community Involvement” for 1995 NCW activites; Heather Brink was the 1995 NCW coordinator.


  • Awarded a Certificate of Excellence for 1996 programs; John Sanders was the 1996 Section Chair
  • Randall Perry, Technician Associate, ECCR, was named “1996 Technician of the Year” by the Division of Chemical Technicians.
  • Awarded the 1996 Phoenix Award for “Best Media Coverage” for 1996 National Chemistry Week celebration.


  • Awarded a Certificate of Excellence for 1997 programs; Renee Niziurski-Mann was the 1997 Section Chair.


  • Won Society Award for Outstanding Section in the Medium Size Category; Lori Wilson was the 1999 Chair.
  • Nominated for Phoenix Awards in Most Unique Demonstration Program and  in Best Activity for a Specific Audience.


  • Won Society Award for Outstanding Section in the Medium Size Category; Craig Lott was the 1999 Chair.           
  • Won ChemLunimary Award for Greatest Industrial Involvement for 2001 National Chemistry Week Activities.


  • Won ChemLuminary Award for Division/Local Section Activity


  • Won ChemLuminary Award for National Chemistry Week

ETSU Student Affiliate Chapter Awards

YearFaculty AdvisorAward
1973-74Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1974-75Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1975-76Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1978-79Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1979-80Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1980-81Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1982-83Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1983-84Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1984-85Dick KoppOutstanding
1986-87Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1987-88Jeff WardeskaCommendable
1988-89Jeff Wardeska, Barbara BunnOutstanding
1989-90Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1990-91Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1992-93Jeff Wardeska, Lori WilsonOutstanding
1993-94Jeff WardeskaOutstanding
1995-96Jeff WardeskaOutstanding, Divison Director’s Award
1996-97Jeff Wardeska, Lori WilsonOutstanding
1997-98Jeff Wardeska, Lori WilsonOutstanding
1998-99Jeff Wardeska, Tammy DavidsonHonorable Mention
1999-2000Jeff Wardeska, Tammy DavidsonHonorable Mention
The Charter for the chapter was signed Feb 4, 1954 by ACS president Harry Fisher. No records exist prior to 1973. Commendable status was received in two other years in this time span.

Speakers of the Year and Distinguished Member Award Recipients

Speaker of the Year

1960-61H. W. Patton
1961-62H. W. Coover, Jr.
1962-63J. W. Tamblyn
1963-64J. R. Caldwell
1964-65K. B. Whetsel
1965-66K. C. Brannock
1966-67V. W. Goodlett
1967-68L. D. Moore
1968-69R. L. McConnell
1969-70Boris Franzus
1970-71C. A. Glover
1971-72E. L. McDaniel
1972-73G. R. Lappin
1973-74C. A. Boye
1974-75Gether Irick
1975-76T. S. Huang
1976-77James Straley
1977-78Gerald Morie
1978-79John Fuzek
1979-80Charles Kibler
1980-81Jerry Jackson
1981-82D. M. Pond
1982-83J. A. Hyatt
1983-84R. T. Bogan
1984-85M. A. Weaver
1985-86J. G. Wardeska
1986-87Vince Nicely
1987-88Jim Little
1988-89Dale Van Sickle
1989-90Lee Pike
1990-91Richard Kopp and Marsha Ottem
1991-92Gether Irick
1992-93David Fagerburg
1994Hamid Kasami
1995Gerald Tustin
1996Steve Falling and John Monier
1997Charles Buchanan
1998Ruifeng Liu
1999Neil Boaz
2000Bob Maleski
2001Joe Zoeller
2002Doug Lowman
2003Bill Tindall
2004Shawn Dougherty
2005Richard Turner
2006Jeff Siirola
2007Howard Young
2008Van Daniel
2009Mary Moore
2010Greg Love

Distinguished Member Award

The Speaker of the Year honor was renamed the Distinguished Member Award beginning in 2011.

2011Chuck Sumner
2012John Sanders
2013Steve Perri
2014Andy Vetter
2015Bob Hembre
2016Zhufang Liu and Scott Kirby
2017Sen Li
2018John Engelman
2019Mesfin Janka
2021Casey Elkins

2021 NETSACS Member Awards

70-Year ACS Member Service AwardClayton Wise
60-Year ACS Member Service AwardCurtis Diebert
Melvin Farmer
50-Year ACS Member Service AwardGerald Cassell
Gerald Tustin
NETSACS Salutes to Excellence AwardEastman Technology (c/o Steve Crawford)
Hands On! Discovery Center and Gray Fossil Site (c/o Sarah Leposky and John Krekelburg)
National Chemistry Week Recognition AwardShawn Dougherty
NETSACS Outstanding Chemistry Student AwardSylvia Meredith (ETSU)
Madison Blanton (Milligan College)
Mckenzie Peters (Northeast State)
Jesse Shaffer (UVA Wise)

Historical Officers

The Historical Officers page provides a list of historical NETS-ACS Chairs (1932-2003) and NETS-ACS Officers (2004-).